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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Media Truth Games

I invite people to specify do now projects and who are the first 3 people they believe are in the project team- we will find there are huge flows between projects if we are mapping collaboration truly and openly

at the same time each project has its own deadlines, original raison d'etre, particular urgent uses by its customers or others who demanded it or wanted to contribute ideas, time, money or love to it
this methodology of "do now " projects- how they weave together real brands locally to globally is something I researched and authored in the early 1990s; I a quite happy to give out copies of the book the next time we meet; I am quite happy to donate day's test-it tutoring groups if a few people really want to try it out on projects they are about to mobilise;

my fieldbook argued from 15 years of earlier research of what societies need collected personally in 30 countries that if the big media professions go on the way they did in separated national markets, the worldwide would not have a good outcome- oddly the world's largest communications agency asked me to host a web debating this around 2000 while there was still dotcom optimism around but then when some of the free advice I gave them on one of the client brands modeled how it was so full of conflicts that it would go bust unless they urgently mediated change I got sent packing- and Andersen got its last 30 million dollar logo campaign before going bust

so anyway "do now" project’s matter to me as possibly the only MICRO-organizational tool you wholly need to agree on if you are going to brand trust and not just perceptions, if you are going to interact you own entrepreneurship's flows with each other especially innovative ones which by definition mean aligning against some higher up power when the time comes not to blink- which at any one time can be summarized on one-page in terms of why we started this ; are we on our goals and on time and on budget; are we still serving those who uniquely wanted this; is our piece of the jigsaw more or less relevant now other projects are blooming too? which cherish the next big question even more than the planned answer

I will try to reissue latest open discussion versions of 2 do now projects that it is once-in-a-lifetime critical are video makers and knowledge searched in Dhaka flow together during their next 6 weeks in Dhaka within 24 hours

1) the youtube stories of the organizational heroines of the last 30 years of Grameen

2) the dvd of 100 stories microcreditsummit could most share with the world so that people can see that microbanking is in everything humanly most needed and vice versa every desperate human need is somehow connected to how sustainable community banking is rooted

there is no perfect format to writing up do now projects; however if the first 3 people in a project keep 100% on tack while still being openly curious whatever openly published aide memoire helps them do that proves its context; the idea also gains from practice by each microteam who start a project or will ever do so; but if you do have time to try it on one project you are in the middle of and share with some or all of us , I would certainly love that

chris macrae

Monday, September 10, 2007

This is an emerging workspace for those concerned with Brand Action Teams. For example, with Dr Yunus' Grameen brand I am currently a volunteer checking out who is forming what Brand Action teams. We are mapping what I regard to be the collaboration  brand  network architecture with most chance of transforming human sustainability. 24 years ago by dad forecast we'd need a Nobel Laureate inspiring a worldwide search connceting upo at least 30000 community rising projects if the globalisation we designed was not to go the crashing way of Orwell's Big Brother. So there is a lot to learn that is not the MBA system view of teams at all; nor is it anything to do with a very important but different type of team that go and staff a physical community  (building)for a long period of time . A companion resource at facebook - is mapping 3 person triangular relationship systems for sustainability (ie early reseonse and early detect conflict) built round particular edgy leaders

Findings on Brand Action Teams

Since Brands have the budget to make all of an organsiations promises we assume the projects that innovate where they are going next will be extremely entrepreneurially tense

This kind of team is best fit by starting up with 3 people's leadershio inputs - the biggest believer in the doability of the mission, the social coordinator of the misison's deepest human relationship needs and flws, the resource checkmaker. Sometimes these skilss will overlap but its ama=zing how the oustide world will demand difefrent people speak to confirm these roles are prgressing in unison

Moreover every combinatorial interaction flows so going above 3  -one triangle and 3 pairwise fkows is difficult unless you are used to very detailed mapping -an activity that needs to be done micro to inter- macro.  Eg 4 people contain 4 triangular relationships and 6 pair relationships

5 people: 10 triangular, and 10 pair

6 people 20 triangular and 15 pairs


AUDIO RESOURCE on Micro-Inter-Macro


What Chris Macrae feels is important

Using measurement to simplify the Yunus message

Standardising the language

Empowerment & Sustainability

The three forces in globalisation

Force one - global down

Force two - community up

Force three - cross boundaries

Knowledge Management

Summing up:

Summing up: remove existing conflicts first

Summing up: prevent new conflicts

Summing up: recognise interdependencies

Summing up: we can change the mathematics

Summing up: Dr Yunus' book

Wrap up:

Wrap up: 2 minute messaging

Wrap up: SBA's instead of MBA's


The Triangle

Maps and Measurement

GREAT Issues -

GREAT Issues - globalisation

GREAT Issues - globalisation: tangible accounting

GREAT Issues - globalisation: risk considerations

GREAT Issues - globalisation: media:

GREAT Issues - globalisation: media - internet

GREAT Issues - globalisation: media - virtual geography

GREAT Issues - globalisation: media - community up stories

GREAT Issues - revolution

GREAT Issues - revolution: spiralling

GREAT Issues - revolution: healthcare

GREAT Issues - revolution: core costs

GREAT Issues - revolution: exponential factors

GREAT Issues - entrepreneur

GREAT Issues - entrepreneur:  children are naturals

GREAT Issues - entrepreneur: shifting meanings

GREAT Issues - entrepreneur: quarterly focus

GREAT Issues - ABC:

GREAT Issues - ABC: quarterly focus

GREAT Issues - ABC: purposeful re-investment

GREAT Issues - ABC: scaling up

GREAT Issues - ABC: social Action learning

GREAT Issues - ABC: Business re-investing

GREAT Issues - ABC: changing Capitalism

GREAT Issues - ABC: from the grassroots up

GREAT Issues - ABC: joint venture measures

GREAT Issues - Trust:

GREAT Issues - Trust: governance

GREAT Issues - Trust: business game

GREAT Issues - Trust: mapping

GREAT Issues - Trust: Green Children

GREAT Issues - Trust: compounding purposeful futures

Mapping unites of virtual interaction

Penalising virtual teamwork

Destroying goodwill