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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

search for 24 collaboration maps of 2008, aka FC001

related group at facebook : world collaboration maps
1 action maps
1.1 200 youtubes to save 24 worlds
1.2 collaboration cafe what are the agendas that youth leaders under 30 can collaboratively change one city to another
1.3 social action diary portals
1.4 free universities – what peer to peer curricula on sustainability vocations are most popular
1.5 Youth Microfinance
1.6 other microeducation guides

2 business maps
1 microcreditsummit- now the floodgates are open for microaid, how do we constitute and audit social business make sure its not misappropriated
2 microcredit bridge east-west
3 microcredit bridge north-south especially africa
4 microcredit * microhealth
5 microcredit*microagriculture

3 Future Capitalism (FC) maps
3.1 what is each global industry sector’s biggest responsibility to sustaining human progress
3.2 how can we translate the case of microglobalbranding demonstrated by Grameen Danone to other Bottom of Pyramid consumer markets
3.3 Clinto says that Bangladesh’s economy is developed not by government but grassroots organisations – how do we trust map the way these work
3.4 How do billionnaire philanthropist use social business model of endlless recycling dolars rarher than caharity’s one time use
3.5 What’s the difference between a socila business joint venture between tany of teh world’sd laregst global corporations and a grassrooots ne, and any other form of partnership or aquistion
3.6 How abput [provitisatio where owenrhip is allocated to te poorest women in the nation
3.7 Leaders who give a damn – eg at danone credit agricole intel veolia virgin –rsvp

6 more maps for you to help us find
Dr Yunus book is creating waves
from 9 year olds up
in english january, french march, german this week
2000 londoners join the triangular collection of trust maps of Dr Yunus
A- actions socially for and by youth including Youth microfinance

B -business governed by communal purpose

C- Capitalism's future mapped back to human sustainability and to honor rights that were agreed as worth 3rd millennium humanity's while ; eg now we have a map of how to end poverty -and no that there is no cost to helping a billion women to have a productive life - what's stopping us from full speed ahead on www and

apart from citizens' Euro responses have come from French corporations and 2 national leaders:
Guillotine the mba
Youtube out of 10 Downing Street

In Bushwhacked America - two types of business sector have led the way:
banking type 2 which prefers to invest in people's productivity than addiction to house and other debt

west coast internet companies, which after 50 yunus dialogues over the last year have agreed that just as banking for the poor did not exist 30 years ago, until 2008 www for the poor didnt either

in usa this is the year when collaboration mapping will take off or die why not edit the stories told in these 3 future institutions to be on the same map

its not that your country needs you in 08, its the whole planet that needs you to helpm with at least 1 of 24 collaboartion maps - please help this group open source how to any other group

chris macrae bureau Dc tel 301 881 1655

you are once click from helping linkup
24 collaboration maps to save the world of 2008 aka FC01

yearbook “creating a world without povery- social business, Future of capitalism; yearbook map – join yunus 1000 booktreaders

Friday, February 15, 2008

I missed my daughter's 11th birthday in DC on Feb 14 to stage the most complex collaboration lunch I can ever imagine -earlier I had missed Christma to be in Dhaka as an interactive observer on open sourcing 08's resolution of microeconomics and

Feb 15 colaboration lunch guests:
*DR Yunus

*my 84 year old dad who learnt economics in his late teens from an Indian correspondence course whilst waiting to navigate raf planes out of Bangladeshi airports during world war 4

28 other londoners burning to meet Dr Yunus

the brains-colliding menu for the lunch an be downloaded at

our one hour lunch came after a heavy morning book launch schedule for yunus including a David Frost tv interview and that evening's london school of economics talk that received 2 standing ovations- transcript of that talk plus any future collaboration connections which alumni of our meeting share appear at