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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are currently preparing Fall008 collaboration cafe season - what community issues/actions do which citizens most want to collaboratively, question, map, practice, network?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

can YOU help US celebrate humanity's future planet -do you have a pictorial biography of a collaboration enterpreneur-rsvp

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May's News: hi.. we welcome blog posts from dhaka above all... could you use post options and stamp any blog from:

  • dhaka with march 08 date - that way they can be keep them all together - you actually post can mention real date!
  • april08 vote for 100 youtubes to be published in the first wholeplanet dvd
  • empowering youth actions in New York, Boston and any city with jan08 date
  • ending child poverty and ill health in USA dec07 date
  • Practices for communal good.
    Some of us first started collecting data on this nearly 30 years ago when we made a naiive assumption that purpose of brand flows is to transparently sustain communal good. Moreover where they measurably abuse the trust of either a producing coordinate or a demanding one they burst all their goodwill as well as right/value to systemise monetary exchanges. We don't expect every macroeconomist to agree but when people from a 9 year old New Yorker to George Soros can sense that many big banks have abused public trust with the subprime fiasco, then its time for citizens to debate what sort of purpsoe do we want banks around us to communally impact.

    From these roots, our open collabrations encourage 3 communal practices C.A.M
    C=cafes where you meet people for real who have been invited to review one common crisis issue, decide whom you trust to network with and what worldwide or locally deep invitations need to be communicated next
    A= Action projects - we usually advise triangular groups of 3 to start these up but to share news that they are doing so and what happens with the wider cafe networking alumni
    M=Maps- a map is a group who are concerned by the same change world issue, and primarily agree about the direction of change needed. Most sustainability crises on our planet today start with not enough micro/community-up support- so maps of collaboration cafe tend to all belong to a people empowerment altas unless specifically clarified otherwse from the outset. Core characteristics of a map involve searching out and agreeing open source solutions that can be replicated interlocally; and greeting newcomers to the map to ensure they are both micro-focused and collaboratively bringing something those who have worked longest on the map will appreciate.

    All of the above is up dor detailed discussion in a specific context. If you already have some questions, please add a comment or corerspond with the blog editors

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Please join in with our section experimenting with collaboration tools

    Basically collaboration tools are stuff communities/peoples (especially youth) need to develop to their hearts' and cultures' content if the green journey of communities rising is to win-win-win before the red journey of global down proves Orwell's Big Brother future correct.

    Globalisation changes ever system through which humans communicate, live and work- overall this intergartion of systems can only compound one of 2 opposite ends. Friend swho network with me are committed to mapping how colaboration methods can sustain communities and goodwill can multiply across boundaries and every locality is respected and is equitably integrated into wholeplanet