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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Fall 008 collaboration cafe suggestions- issues, cities

most disruptively creative example so far suggested:

project 991 : what free dvd of youtube length videos would youth campuses find most usable as a laptop collaboration stimuli

Who is Changing Philanthropy?
What organisation's models can end the White Man's Burden of charity? What is WMB: WMB1 charity dollar's get one-time spending never investing; WMB2 global charity controls from above never transfers knowhow; WMB3 charity ticks performance in boxes not flows that community impact accountancy needs to develop around; WMB4 charity has seldom destabilised a corrupt regime relying on expediency of working within a broken system than stepping back and seeing how whole change is needed if ever more vicious spirals onto the poorest people are not to be compounded by inconvenient truth; WMB5 Charity as it has evolved in globalisation's last 30 years has had terrifying influence on mass media- with commercial media it has paid exorbitant sums to ad messages that should have been free speech if they truly were life-saving, with public media it has censored debates that could have identified Charity's systemic follies and burdens -its accidental vicious systemisation and cumulative impacts have put "democratic" governments on the defensive where we needed openness and diverse curiosity of leadesrhip, and made the interface between global charity and national governments one of the root causes of loss of sustainability of our species
Does economics (or any of the metrics or law-making professions) have any maps at deep context and conflict resolution levels needed for changing philanthropy

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