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Thursday, January 31, 2008

youth empowerment: NY, Boston, any city

one of the values of collaboration cafe is : entrepreneur creativity found in every being- specifically the ability to serve others in the community and turn this into income genrating activity

it can be argued that this is today's biggest missing piece in education of all age's

practices that appear to be coming together locally and worldwide to give youth an option to try this out include:
  • 1 microcredit (are there parallels between the female empowerment history of this and youth)

  • 2 the need for changemakers in every community with a future - the theme of Bill Drayton at ashoka

  • 3 the social action alumni networks and Unis emerging from some of the world's leaders in change -including Bill Clinton's Global Uni and Muhammad Yunus Social Action temaworking diaries as the fiurst step on the ladder to Future Capitalism
    The lifelong experiences of facilitators (eg Harrison Owen Open Space) and educators (eg City Montessori Gems School innovations) that there is a gap in hosting neetings, practising teams that prevents adolescents from having the ability to contribute to the community and world around them in culturally productive ways

  • If children in Haiti revel in the opportunity to host conversation circles why not USA


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