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Monday, December 24, 2007

Can we suggest some contacts Darryl could be trying to make- I gather so far its been a bit frustrating cos organsiations like gates Foundation and Kiva have spent time studying the web but thrir decison-making people will not discuss the idea directly

I dont know if any of thes folk are worth a try but since they recently hosted a confernce called hi-tech robin hoods, you'd feel they ought to pay the idea some respect:

In a world where millions pay 99ยข to download media from iTunes, why can't we do the same to end poverty or stop global warming?
The New Hi-Tech Robin Hoods will explore these social change success stories, the brilliant models being executed, and the strategies for scaling them up.
Our Robin Hood Panelists
Peter Bladin Founding Director, Grameen Technology Center
Donna Callejon COO,
Jessica Jackley Flannery Co-Founder,
Matt Flannery Co-Founder,
Julie Lacouture Deputy Director,
Tracey Pettengill Turner Founder,


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