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Thursday, November 29, 2007

26/27 may 08

In London we have close connections with the people who run the world entrepreneur summit network - this is the invitation and ratioanle to their Kenya event - delighted to try anmd eraly questions obout after-projects arising from such a network gathering

Join the event of Kenya’s entrepreneurial calendar
As a globally ambitious and connected organization, you are warmly invited
to attend the Sacoma World Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi on the 26th
and 27th May 2008. This is an action-oriented event with a focus on re-
building Kenya’s dynamic entrepreneurial sector through creativity,
innovation and enterprise.

Entrepreneurs are the world’s change agents. They are ordinary people who
take personal risks to be creative, to innovate and to make a difference,
either economically, socially or environmentally. Entrepreneurs may set up
businesses, push at the boundaries of knowledge or simply want to improve
the way in which they do their work. They are the networked, flexible and
dynamic wealth creation engines behind every business from the smallest
community-based firm to the largest corporate in the world. This group of
people, so vital for sustainable development globally, need a place to meet,
network, discuss ideas and take real and enduring action.


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