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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The impact of cafes (one hour open meetings but on particular crisis invitations - ie truncated open spaces) where invitations are past through all changemakers networks has never been higher. Especially in London as a model for the future of all open cross-cultural cities and villages as social sub-networks - a reconciliation of enduring urgency forced on us by 7/7 and the recognition that government over many years has failed to wholly integrate cultures at the grassroots in ways that people and local communities must take charge of.

This is such a huge subject that I neither have time nor space in this weblog medium to do justice to all the questions that live cafes have raised and how all the major crises of lost sustainability and distrust between different local and global groups of peoples are being made ever more conflicted by national government- whose monopoly rule over public service budgets in the most vital areas like safety, media, health, education, peace is disastrous when most of the challenges facing us are as world citizens (interlocal waves that are made worse wherever a Blair of Bush make decisions like a Canute) or wherever 2 party politics one-dimensionalises issues that need 360 degree diversity of transparent public dialogue

We will have a special series of cafes in the Islington area all of sept 11-15 - email me for a full calendar; and if you only read this after sept 15: I will be happy to after action debrief on you what we learnt from the dialogues and where next we will be restaging them. I will also be putting a lot of the learnings from our cafe series at these weblogs which are inter-related . - this looks as ways we citizens can perform communications experiments to show that huge investigative journalism contexts are being missed (biased out) by the BBC, and debates how to rectify this which focuses on the source of good news out of America in terms of supporting the world's poorest with 30 years of mapping what social projects have resolved crises in one local community and can be replicated as interlocal franchises pulls together these latest practical banks of learnings and connects this back with my father and my future history book on death of distance in 1984 which forecast that economics as a worldwide discipline would need transforming between 2005-2105, as much if not more than when James Wilson founded The Economist to keep questioning how economics could sustain peoples through the industrial revolution

We also has given that folk of every age need to start blueprinting a revolutionary new curricula and modalities of education for all our children if we are to time warp through sustainability's inconvenient truths. At time of writing I am still waiting to hear whether I will get accepted into the first wave of 2000 people being trained by Al Gore on how to present his inconvenient truth slides. This first wave rehearsals and start of an amazing change network takes place In Nashville towards the end of September

The RSA's and Starbucks and BBC action network coffee house challenge in 2006 has been much more interesting in London this year as its been permitted to brew as a summer long festival rather being constrained to a one-month (May schedule)

God bless all who host and attend cafes - seeds and real-people crossroads to the huge virtual networks that can be multiplied if each person's social network can be interfaced with each other person united in hi-trust and wish to raise questions about a global crisis context before we rush for any open answer


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