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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why and How does this odd couple's question begin and end so many journeys across networking world?

- mail me at if any one of these openling lines of inquries can help you change your world, or mine !

For 22 years I have been mailing out one page scripts on ways peoples, families, communities, companies can become more productive as well as happier if we use the internet collaborative connections in hi-trust ways. This began with the first death-of-distance future history 1 2 book -one which I co-authored on the internet as the greatest revolution ever to hit one single generation of humanity around the world. My father, The Economist's most prolific editorial writer blended the economic revolutions, I focused on the cultural, socieatal or learning revolutions, a friend dealt with the future of science using his lenses as graduate in microbiology and one of the world's most avid reader and author of science fiction.

We talk of the word revolution advisedly: ie being equally capable of ending the sustainability of our species or enabling the 21st Century to be the best for all 6 billions to live in (but most unlikely to spin on some in-between exponentials) Much of my father's work has been concerened to train entrepreneurs to keep economics alive for all people by demanding that leaders openly demand revolutions at a time when innovation opportunities are open -if we don't do this so many conflicts start putting top people at risk of drowing in analysis paralysis . At least that is 2 generations of macrae's experience as mathematicians, economists or boigraphers of mathematicians. More on the risks economics gets engulfed in when big powers surround it is debated at our blog ecosaintjames- one of London's 5 global villages whose collaboration cafes have helped make London a leading collaboration knowledge city, an honor which of course we only sustain by helping any other city's people -eg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 to do likewise to their heart's content.

The most basic assumptions of how the interenet will turn out good for humanity involve collaboration as the table below will start to list. Starting with use email to find your own best mentors through life and help others do likewise. To multiply the potentials of virtial life by real life, cafe is as good a word as any for actively learning in real time and place with a group of people. If you can imagine the most productive/inventive/insanely competence-building 60 minutes of your life spent with a team of people, what would need to be prepared so you all cane together, and how would the meeting dynamics work for those 60 minutes, and connect your networks forever after or at least until you had all multiplied each other's productivities to each other's herats contents? If that turns out to be a big question for you, why not co-edit this blog. If its not a big question, I am interested to hear what is the biggest question of how to network so that all the people you connect with make the most productive opportunities out of virtual times real life times.


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