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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Collaboration Cafe alumni are also deeply interested in developing claboration tools - here are some we have been working on over the last 5 years

Meeting Processes
Collaboration Cafe 1 2
Forums 1 2

Commuinty Networking Micropublishing Hubs
eg world citizen guides with micro bursaries 1

Peer to Peer Dialogue Videos 1

Opinion Surveys 1 on Most Trusted Collaboration Entrepreneurs & WE's Data Clearing House

NetworksMaps - and transparent maths specifications
- trust map of deepest grassroots sources on communities in Africa
- on missing audits of exponential sustainability

Modular contributions to Free University
SMBAs and celebration of best in class open source
1000bookclubopen catalogues of social businesses
hi-trust branding processes 1 2
Schools community building activities including the "Social Action" range of practicesMindset breakthrough research and transcripts of urgent whys

1 let's put reality back over image - help us search for the 200 videos that you can use with peers to spread reality


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