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Thursday, January 17, 2008

There's all the world of different in mapping human sustainability if you start with microeconomics (and mocro-entrepreunerial definitions) collaborate openly and design hi-trust media to sustain communities up and scale worldwide integrating every locality truly and fairy into global
and the other way round that commands and controls through macroeconomics, image-making media, closed off profit-making always for short-term and the most powerful, and seldom trickles down to deep context service, actions or future learnings (worse expoentially externalises to the top from thehos communities that are already poorest or most disconnected)
we who host collaboration cafes pledge always to be trying to connect people the micro inter macro way round in every link we map- we believe this mapping is at elast 100 years old as it seems to be what Gandhi's Satyagraha invitation validated.
There is at also least one network of scots who see the same microeconic intent in adam smith's hi-trust model of free markets or Adam's French alumnus LB Say's origin of entrepreneur or the reason why another scot called James Wilson came down from Hawick , used media to boot out of parliament 90% of vested interest MPS, died before his time in calcutta trying to intervene in raj economics of a stomach bug that brac now cures at 10 cents a go provided commnal nurses are near by. The media JW founded was called The Economist. We look forward to a social business joint venture called The Microcredit Economist being formed by anyone who knows why the village of St James serves an Unique purpose


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